Fundraising Health Check

Gift Clarity's Fundraising Health Check service uses cutting edge analytics to identify trends, risks, and opportunities for your organization. Comprehensive assessment of donors, giving, and activity uncovers the profound story hidden in your data.

Giving KPIs

Full suite of donor giving metrics, categorized by time, age, giving level, and donor and giving types.

Donor Loyalty

Characteristics of your organization's most loyal donors, including factors accounting for frequency, recency, and consistency.

Value of Top Donors

Nonprofits typically raise most of their funds from a small percentage of their donors. How concentrated fundraising is with these donors can represent organizational risk.

Donor Retention

Identification of how well your organization keeps donors giving.

Current Staffing Capabilities

Assessment of whether your current fundraising staffing meets the needs of your donors.

Activity Summary

Metrics on how often your organization is visiting and calling donors. Direct one-on-one communication is key to building strong donor relationships

Giving by Zip Code

Appraisal of donors in close proximity of your organization's zip code. Engagement planning can be optimized to more fully engage donors who are easy to reach for visits.

Alumni Giving

Included for academic institutions, where alumni are a key constituency.

Adjusted Annual Giving Alumni Summary Giving by geographical distance Alumni Summary Alumni Summary

Fundraising Strategic Plan

The most successful fundraising organizations are characterized by careful planning and intention in every action they take. To be the best, do what the best do. Gift Clarity's Fundraising Strategic Plan establishes a framework for success.

Impact projections Alumni Alumni


Maximize your fundraising potential with specific recommendations for building stronger donor relationships, tailored to your organization.

Donor Engagement Plan

An actionable plan for your organization to build stronger relationships with all types of donors, including Planned Giving, Major Giving, Annual Giving, and Alumni donors.

Donor Identification

Identified donors with a high propensity to give to your organization, including:

  • Planned Giving Prospects
  • Major Giving Donors
  • High potential Annual Giving Donors
  • High potential Lapsed and First Time Donors

Staff Staging

Grow your staff intelligently, with checkpoints focused on maximizing ROI in adding fundraisers.

Address Unfulfilled Opportunities

A plan for addressing lost potential from Lapsed, First Time, and Occasional donors.

Ask Amounts

Recommended ask amounts for your top donors, to strengthen giving from your top prospects.

Standards and Best Practices

A Fundraising Strategic Plan empowers your organization to use the same best practices that the most successful fundraising shops use.

Gift Clarity Online

Gift Clarity's donor engagement platform, designed to animate the Fundraising Strategic Plan.

Automate your Fundraising Strategic Plan

Gift Clarity brings your fundraising strategic plan to life by prompting you when it is time to reach out to each donor in your portfolio.

More Donors, More Potential

High potential donors with a propensity to give to your organization do not just happen, they are created. Build deeper relationships with more donors and build the future.

Built-in Prioritization

Recommendations for which donors need to be engaged, when. Do not limit your fundraising by neglecting part of your portfolio.

No Donor Left Behind

Give every donor in each portfolio the attention they deserve. Following Gift Clarity's recommendations, none of your donors will fall through the cracks.

Maximize your Impact

Each engagement scheduled in Gift Clarity includes recommended best practices to ensure you are ready to go, and a checklist guide to reporting on what happened.

Workbench My GC

GO Connect

A simple, task focused platform for engaging a set of donors with a specific fundraising intention or engagement goal. GO Lists can be built to address virtually any need.

Gift Clarity GO Connect

Task Focused

Reach out to lapsed donors. Record feedback from an event. Introduce a new gift officer to their portfolio. GO Lists can be built for any purpose.

Built-in Prioritization

Intelligent prioritization moves upcoming engagements and high priority donors to schedule to the top of your list.

Completely Customizable

Documentation, call scripts, engagement types, and Q&A's can all be customized for each list.