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Gift Clarity

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Data-Driven Intelligence.


Systematic Approach.

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Fundraising Excellence.

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Unlock Your Fundraising Potential

Stop Guessing. Start Growing.

Gift Clarity helps nonprofits get better fundraising results from their limited time and resources by providing a strategic roadmap for intentionally connecting with donors.


Data-Driven Intelligence

Leveraging decades of expertise and a proprietary algorithm, Gift Clarity’s analysis discovers strengths and weakness in your giving trends which helps eliminate risks and identify opportunities.


Gift Clarity Online

Cloud based and easy-to-use, our tool is your GPS, equipping fundraisers with turn-by-turn guidance. Our built-in algorithm highlights top-priority next actions. More donors will think about your organization than ever before.

Planning Travels

Strategic Planning

Gift Clarity provides a long-term, organization wide strategy to grow multi-year fundraising, while also helping every member of the team think strategically about day-to-day activities.


Proactive Engagement

Donors are proud to know their impact. Stories that demonstrate changed lives re-ignite their passion for your mission. The Gift Clarity plan and tools ensure that more donors feel connected to your mission.


Donor Portfolios

Call the right donor. Many nonprofits make haphazard guesses when deciding who to visit. Your portfolio should be filled with donors who have a heart for your mission and a propensity to give.


Staff Capacity & Staging

Whether you are a team of fundraisers or a one-person shop, your plan should be achievable. Gift Clarity's strategic roadmap is balanced to your capacity. A five-year staging plan shows you the path to grow into your potential.

"Using Gift Clarity gives me a feeling of accomplishment as I drive home knowing that I'm moving the needle each and every day. "


- Jay Wendland, Director of Mission Advancement, Fox Valley Lutheran High School

Keyboard and Mouse

Gift Clarity Tools

Gift Clarity Online

Premier Full-service Tools


Gift Clarity gives you turn-by-turn directions to ensure donors are moving through the pipeline. Core to the design is the Fundraising Strategic Plan concept. Because it knows who is in your portfolio plus each donor's unique Engagement Plan, GC Online can calculate which next actions are highest priority. Meet with the right donor at the right time.

GO Connect

Quick Start - Connect with donors today.


GO Connect is a cost effective solution to start connecting with donors today! Achieves tangible results with quick turn around. Whether a targeted list of lapsed donors, alumni, planned giving prospects or grateful patients, you can use Go Lists to create a highly specific list of activities and targeted information for working with those donors. 


"If we merely aim for the industry standard, then our goal is mediocrity. Emulating the average nonprofit, we are destined to live with all the problems the average nonprofit faces. So, we suggest you aim to be exceptional in your approach to fund development." 


- Dr. Eddie Thompson, Gift Clarity Founder & CEO