About Us


Our Mission

To help organizations understand, plan,

and reach their fundraising potential.

We empower organizations to focus their limited time and energy on building and strengthening new and existing donor relationships. There and many paths forward, but only few lead to being successful. We'll help you find the right path to building stronger relationships to grow giving.

Our Story



                      As a brand new fundraiser over 30 years ago, Eddie Thompson was given a rotary phone,                                  a phone book, a list of names, and a charge to raise some money. Immediately realizing
                         he needed a systematic approach to build relationships with these donors, Eddie created
                       a plan to write letters, call, and visit each person on his list. He tracked his plan on a large piece of butcher paper hanging in the closet of his office. By following this plan, Eddie turned a list of unfamiliar names into meaningful relationships that, while not focused on monetary gifts, surprisingly produced remarkable gift results.


Over the last 30 years, Eddie has tweaked, fine-tuned, and perfected his “butcher paper plan” to be a proven process for establishing and developing donor relationships. Coupled with the power of today’s technology, Gift Clarity was born.


Through research and experience, Gift Clarity developed a new, unique donor analysis system. Using an exclusive list of 42 factors that are indicative of high-giving donors, Gift Clarity is able to analyze and categorize donors based on their propensity to give.


Gift Clarity marries all of these components into one solution through an easy to use cloud-based system. The tool utilizes the ease of technology to automatically assign tasks as donor relationships progressively grow, freeing fundraisers from managing all the small details from behind their desk and allowing them to get out of the office to cultivate donor relationships.

Our Team


Chief Executive Officer

Eddie Thompson, Ed. D.

Becoming a fundraiser was inevitable for Eddie, having grown up learning from the greatest, his dad, Robert “Bob” Thompson. Experiencing hardships from an early age, Bob’s dream of going to college and becoming a dentist quickly faded away with the responsibility of having to raise his younger siblings. These circumstances that limited Bob’s opportunities ignited a fiery determination in him to not allow that same thing to happen to any high school graduate he knew, as long as he had the ability to do anything about. There began Bob’s mission to raise money for local individuals to attend college.  All throughout Eddie’s childhood, his father would often bring him along on these fundraising crusades, allowing Eddie to learn, firsthand, many meaningful lessons about giving. That’s how, as a young boy, Eddie learned what it meant to be a fundraiser, in the true sense.


Scott Belina


Scott has been working in software development for most of his career, starting at Microsoft on the Access and then Excel teams, followed by a stint at GridNetworks before joining the Gift Clarity team. Scott joined Gift Clarity in 2009 as software developer and is now President, working from Seattle.


He is involved in every aspect of Gift Clarity and directs development of its software application. He relishes the opportunity to help nonprofit organizations succeed in their mission by dramatically improving their fundraising and freeing gift officers to maximize their results.


Scott and his family currently live in Seattle, Washington, but he goes back to his roots as an avid Cornhusker fan. In his free time he enjoys golf, basketball, barbecue and anything that lets him spend time with his kids.


Troy Link

Chief Operating Officer

Having always liked numbers, software, and data Troy's path eventually led to Seattle where worked as a member of the Microsoft Excel product development team. His eventual focus was data services, working to increase Excel’s ability to “slice and dice” data with PivotTables – Excel’s most powerful data analysis feature.
Troy was already involved with the missions of several nonprofit organizations when he met Cayce Powell and learned more about the fundraising best practices. He helped bring data science to the world of fundraising with Gift Clarity.
Troy currently lives in Nashville with his wife and two kids. As a family they enjoy their church community and they have a special passion for the outdoors. On a given weekend or family vacation, you might find them mountain biking in Utah or backpacking in the Appalachians. Troy also enjoys trail running and rock climbing.


Tyler Bacon

Vice President of Business Development

Tyler joins the Gift Clarity team after spending 10+ years helping charities develop and implement strategic major and planned giving marketing plans (Web, email, Print, Social Media, etc.…). Tyler has worked with over 500 organizations, all of various sizes. The organizations he worked with included national, large and small charities as well as universities, hospital foundations, faith-based, social service and educational charities. Tyler’s understanding of the fundraising process and his own personal drive to help charities succeed adds a great deal of experience to our team.


Cayce Powell

Vice President

Cayce graduated magna cum laude from Abilene Christian University with a Bachelor of Business Administration. Cayce then earned his Master of Business Administration and his Doctor of Jurisprudence from Texas Tech University. His coursework focused on taxation and business entities.

In 1999, he joined forces with Eddie Thompson to assist nonprofit organizations and their donors, where he innovated a charitable estate planning process. Cayce's passion for cutting-edge technology drove him to help found Gift Clarity.

When Cayce is not working with nonprofits and their donors, he enjoys all types of physical activities. In addition to exercising and participating in competitions himself, he spends lots of time coaching youth sports. Cayce lives in Franklin, Tennessee with his wife and four children.


Barrett Thompson

Vice President of Sales

Being the son of CEO Dr. Eddie Thompson, Barrett was rooted in the nonprofit world from day one. Barrett grew up in the Nashville area, earning his Bachelor of Business Administration from Freed-Hardeman University.


Barrett knows the value of hard work, having worked in construction and owning a lawn care business while going to school. Upon graduation, Barrett began work as a Project Manager for Solomon Builder. When the opportunity arose to pair his communication and management skills with his father’s exciting new development, Barrett joined the Gift Clarity family.


Barrett makes his home in Nashville, and when he’s not cheering on the local football and hockey teams, the Tennessee Titans and the Nashville Predators, he spends time volunteering with a number of nonprofit organizations.


Katie Grassmann

Executive Assistant

Katie has always enjoyed working behind the scenes making sure that things run smoothly while assisting and equipping her colleagues to succeed. She especially enjoys making processes more efficient and streamlined.

After graduating magna cum laude in Business Management, and beginning her career in 2007, Katie directly assisted business owners and their executive teams in varying capacities. She is often referred to as a “Jane of all trades,” or more recently a “Swiss Army knife,” juggling many different hats throughout a typical day.

Outside of the office, Katie enjoys horseback riding, cooking and baking, and admiring different types of design (interior design, web design, home design, etc!). Katie and her husband, Paul, live outside of Nashville, Tennessee with their diva kitty cat and energetic Dalmatian.